Art and Science together to inspire!
"You turn toward the arts and somehow there's this thought that you can't do both, that the human brain just can't hold the arts and the sciences at the same time," he said. "That's just not true." James Cameron (director Titanic & Aliens of the Deep) as quoted in an an interview in The New York Times.

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New Xunesis Board Members
Elected this fall, the new board represents a blend of interests and expertise that reflect the Xunesis mission.  The new board president is Michael Rogalski, corporate IT expert and the actor who starred in Retrieval.  Our other board members represent science, education, theater, law, marketing and theology.  Read about our board members here.  

Xunesis call for Talent & Actors!
If you are interested in being invited to audition for future Xunesis Film and Stage productions....more

Retrieval West-Coast Premiere at APS
Retrieval a short narrative film showcasing the intrigue of human memory along with Retrieval: A Journey into Memory, a companion video learning module featuring memory experts Drs. Robert Bjork, Elizabeth Loftus and Daniel Schacter made its west-coast premiere at the 17th annual conference of the American Psychological Society held in Los Angeles, California.

The Experts Agree
Eminent psychology and education experts agree that you should see Retrieval and use it in your class to improve student interest and learning! Read what they have to say!

Retrieval DVD's Now Available
Make a donation to Xunesis now and receive a complementary copy of Retrieval to enjoy and learn from with your friends, family and students click here.


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Meeting Scientists where they do Science
Xunesis is finding new ways to make science interesting to everyone and in particular to young people. On February 22 Xunesis arranged a tour of a Northwestern University neuroscience lab for students in Dr. Kirk Hallowell's class at Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA). The students visited Dr. Ken Paller, the Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience program at Northwestern, who studies human memory using electrophysiology, functional imaging and behavioral experiments. Learn more here

Many students don't have the chance to see science in action...
Xunesis Virtual Lab Tours are short videos that take you inside the laboratories of major scientists, adding a face and a personality to the excitement of scientific discovery. You learn about the key questions that drive research, see the methods first hand and get the big picture on where a field is heading. Xunesis Virtual Lab Tours provide an exciting introduction for beginning students as well as more in-depth coverage for advanced classes. Learn More Here

A Xunesis & Friends Blog
art4science Art4Science covers issues at the interface of art and science including: art made about science, creative attempts at science education, and the challenges artists face in
communicating about science and scientists. We also discuss recent developments in science education both in and out of the classroom. Content areas include cinema, theatre, media, dance, performance and visual art. Visit Art4Science now and sign up to receive regular installments via RSS.

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Next Theatre: A Number
Produced by Xunesis friend Next Theatre, A Number is a fantastic production that cuts to the core of many issues raised by modern science. We will likely live these issues in years to come. Learn more about this great play and production here.

Dottern / (You Are) Half of Who I Am
This play, which involves genetics, ethics and paternity, is a sequel to August Strindberg's 1887 play Fadren (The Father) by August Strindberg, Dottern is set in Stockholm in the 1940s and ‘60s as Strindberg's character Bertha attempts to understand herself as a child and artist in light of her troubled past. The stage play will premiere in 2007 with productions in Stockholm, Sweden and Chicago, USA.
Learn more about the project here.


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