Xunesis Advising Partners

Xunesis consults closely with a broad range of experts across many disciplines during project development and production. The breadth and depth of our advisory network allows us to treat topics from many perspectives while ensuring fidelity to the most current thought and research. Advising Partners volunteer their time and have no financial responsibility for Xunesis.

For more information on the individual Advising Partner members click on their name below.

Alan Baddeley, PhD
University of York , UK
Miriam Bassok , PhD
University of Washington, USA
Robert Bjork, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Martin Conway , PhD
University of Durham , UK
Kevin Dunbar , PhD
Dartmouth College, USA
Rochel Gelman, PhD
Rutgers University, USA
Dedre Gentner, PhD
Northwestern University , USA
Jessi Hill
Yale University, USA
Daniel Kahneman , PhD
Princeton University, USA
Margaret Lynch, PhD
Pathway Productions, USA
Scott Sampson
JAM Theatricals LTD, USA
Shahid Sheikh
Los Angeles, USA
Barbara Spellman , PhD
University of Virginia, USA
Kristina Stanley
Museum of Science and Industry, USA
Jeff Ullom, PhD
Vanderbilt University, USA
Bill Wade Jr.
In.let Dance Theatre, USA
Thomas Young
Creative Resource Group, USA


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